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Главная » 2013 » Октябрь » 30 » Текст песни Level seven. Termin Vox
Текст песни Level seven. Termin Vox

Now you are a superstar
level seven not so far
we know the true,who u really are
dont take apart dont take apart
love is dead inside youre eyes
dont look at me its double-cross
you choose inside foresaken course
there are seven floors

litle girl is playing with a
mad dog of her supervizor
i dont think what its so clever
loughing now,you are the seller
i want eat u,i want crunch u
boyfriend,girlfriend,i dont give a
fuck about youre past and future
you are a bitch without a future

level seven dirty girls dirty girls dirty girls
level seven licking glrls licking girls licking girls

Deny the possibility of god and satan
Is just single mistake I've ever made
Run through the corridors and counting the rebels
Single religion what I want to faith
Dilight of grinding and grip the nail
My reason is my outcome
Mutation of poison one sided with devil
This is my vision and I'm done

i dont try to understand this
fucking disregress of self-esteem
i want to break youre neck
and feel how bones are creacklin in my hand
i cant forget this ugly faces
understand this fucking dances
fucking licking sucking nacked
prurient countless ...

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